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The one thing what really impresses me at Silba is night sky. Whenever I return from a night walk I must sit on a chair on the balcony and watch the sky. It stands besprinkled with brilliant stars. Occasionally I catch one of them falling, but mostly I’m looking for constellations. On sky of Silba without error and a lot of trouble, you can find the Small and Big Bear, Orion and the Orion nebula, Milky Way and many other constellations. And a real astrologer would enjoy, not an ordinary layman like me! The view of that night sky holds me for a long long time and when I’m no longer there. Here’s a story about the view at Silba.

Rare are those who pay attention to the above – in heaven. Day or night, anyway, the sky above us, from morning to evening goes so unnoticed even though with each new day or new night persistently, with no effort, always shows a new, unparalleled, unique. But for nothing is all its richness of colors, shapes, shadows, light games, the positions of stars when the View, directed mainly forward or even downwards, is not reaching high enough so Sky can manage to attract it.

That’s why the View injoys when it is at Silba. It takes some time to get familiar with what is offered to him: first, watching from the sea, can see only a low form of green softly laid on the calm sea surface and left protected by three high ridges. The sight then disappears for a time because the ship rotates left, debarks passengers in another port before it again starts touring a penultimate station. After some time, passing through a narrow sea line between the lighthouse and the uninhabited islet, on the way which takes more than an hour, its desired goal finally opens and low green form is closer and more recognizable. But at the moment it seems that Silba could be encompassed with just one wide embrace, as soon as contours begin to distinguish the gentle houses and narrow strip of rocky shore, at the boat increases muffled murmur, gettin up from the seats and taking the luggage, because it has to be checked out the window right here from the sea, if there’s anything new.

As soon as it sets foot on the island, the View realizes that there is something unusual: looking forward, down, left, right or up, suddenly can cover it all: the sky, the sea, the island. Cloud, water, ground you walk, and hit itself, carried by the eye of passer-by, enters a new dimension of experience of seeing. And seeing. And understanding …

We’ll leave it like this full of grass to let it coping with accepting the true beauty of naturalness and simplicity. Everyone at some time has to be alone to come to terms with the climate that does not tolerate haste, shouting, impatience and get used to some new rules of behavior and customs of a small community whose part has become. In this story, we accompany it just when with evening starts to walk around the island from the west or east side, over his heart wrapped in high vegetation or any party which is found to be closest at the time.

And before we meet it, we know that it will up and down, around, up hill and down hill, back and forth along the ridge of a bundle of local streets, towards land or sea … at one point it will surely find a bench in ease, in quiet, to take a little rest of all those beauties.

And it will raise up its view, what it does not customarily do most of the year because it is not the moment, because it is not appropriate, since it is in most cases just a waste of time, in the illuminated city it is denied not only for the multitude of stars, but sometimes for a moon whose house roofs of all possible heights and shapes do not allow to litter in front of it and momentarily open it up. And it will realize another reason for its arrival when rising, and almost could touch with bare hands touch the vast of multitude of stars which are mirrored on the silver surface and the moon that rises somewhere behind the centuries-old cypress trees to dip slowly floating in the sky at sunset. And enchanted by Milky Way spreaded in the port of the southern to the eastern sky, in this whole celestial belt which covers from the top thin insular waist from sea to sea, will drown in billions of celestial glowing fireflies, thinking for a moment, sinful, how these great pictures can not be the same sky jointly to every, but just every View wherever it is.

Only if It knows where to look. And, perhaps more important, from where.

wrote: falimimore


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