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Silba under the Sea


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Children on Silba often learn to dive before they learn to swim. A common sight one may find onthe beach are little boys and girls splashing around in shallow water with masks on their faces. Children grow up, but their love towards the world under the sea remains.

With its variety on the sea bed and accessibility of all its bays, Silba provides many days of diverse and unforgettable diving experiences. Not only for professional divers or sports fishers (we’ll talk about this topic some other time J), but also for us “ordinary” amateur summer divers. Under the sea on Silba you can enjoy the fields of posidonia as far as the eye can see. Posidonia is a flowering sea plant and an autochthonous Adriatic species precious for the development of life in the Adriatic. It is a protected and endangered species in the Adriatic Sea.

The bays of Silba are varied, from sandy bays to rocky bays, narrow or wide, each telling its own story. And so, in one bay, at a depth of two metres, deep inside a rock under the sea, you can find a habitat of seahorses. If you go diving in the Pocukmarak bay with a diving mask, you can view the remains of Roman sarcophagi.

The fish stock of Silba is still very rich. These photographs were taken at a depth of up to five metres in different bays of the island of Silba. Enjoy! You can browse the first part of this photo album on our Facebook page.


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