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Winter coffee in the “Turist”


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I must admit that in the summer morning I rarely go to the village. I rather take a walk, before swimming and sunbathing, by the sea to get a morning coffee. But in the winter I’m a frequent guest of that caffee bar in the center of the village and at these few days of holiday I was there every day. I am glad that this man from Silba, the owner, is the only one who doesn’t close the door of his place after the season is over. There is another thing that provides me comfort: to meet with someone for coffee, I don’t have to pre-arrange. There are always the same people having coffee in a caffee bar, and by some of them (and probably by me too), we could set the clock, as they are correct.

And as much as it is hard for me in the summer when it’s hot to get to the center of the village for coffee, in winter this walk is more than a match. Because winter day on the island has its own rhythm: a walk, a shop and a coffee in the center, and again walk along the sea towards home, lunch, walk, dinner. And so again and again for these few days of holiday until I get strength for new working rhythm.

Therefore, don’t blame me for rare summer arrivals on coffee, but I think that I pay to him for some of it in the winter.

Photo by: Mara Marasović


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