At Lucija’s trace

by Falimimore March 22, 2013
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A word that introduces the reader to a magical world that has made Silba widely known, it isa word that a lot of people will use trying to say what here -does not exist! At the same time,it’s the same word that will sneak into the story to […]

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Silba and selfishness

by Falimimore November 30, 2012
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I accept the task of joining two seemingly disparate words that share the same initial letter. Silba and selfishness. And myself, I admit, it sounds a bit strange and weird and at this point I have not even fully aware of what will emerge on the surface of […]

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View at Silba

by Falimimore August 21, 2012
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The one thing what really impresses me at Silba is night sky. Whenever I return from a night walk I must sit on a chair on the balcony and watch the sky. It stands besprinkled with brilliant stars. Occasionally I catch one of them falling, but mostly I’m […]

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