Pussy-cats on Silba

by Maša December 7, 2012
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I know that many citizens of Silba will be mad at me after reading this article. But when someone mentions Silba, one of the first associations are definitely cats on the island. Pussy-cats, cats, old tom-cat and grimalkins – these are the names you use for cats depending […]

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Silba and selfishness

by Falimimore November 30, 2012
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I accept the task of joining two seemingly disparate words that share the same initial letter. Silba and selfishness. And myself, I admit, it sounds a bit strange and weird and at this point I have not even fully aware of what will emerge on the surface of […]

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Why do people walk barefoot on Silba?

by Maša October 18, 2012
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Silba follows me to Zagreb as well! I cannot even visit my doctor’s office without hearing mentionof its name! This time it caught up with me at my dentist’s office. The two of us have already discussed the island and how she plans to visit it once more […]

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Marija Galetović Ujević

by Maša October 12, 2012
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I’m sure many have heard of the lady sculptor, since her fame is not restricted to anystereotypically narrow circle of artists. I have known her name and work ever since I first saw the monument to August Šenoa in Zagreb. However, since she opened her gallery on Silba […]

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Race through Silba

by Maša September 21, 2012
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For three years I have urged my son to apply to race through Silba and just this year I have managed that. Today, when I know it all went well (no injuries and blood), I’m very glad that he overcame his fear of defeat, and we the fear […]

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