The Silban Dance

by Maša August 27, 2012
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I don’t know whether you’ve experienced a similar thing, but after a vacation on Silba I can’t wait to return to the mainland; it’s been like that for the past five or six days. I yearn for my friends,apartment, car, even work to an extent. However, the energy […]

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View at Silba

by Falimimore August 21, 2012
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The one thing what really impresses me at Silba is night sky. Whenever I return from a night walk I must sit on a chair on the balcony and watch the sky. It stands besprinkled with brilliant stars. Occasionally I catch one of them falling, but mostly I’m […]

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Chess tournament

by Maša July 30, 2012
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For the fourth year in a row, friends and fans of chess are organizing outdoor chess tournament in honor of the deceased parish priest Petar Tunjoić from Silba. The tournament will be held at the municipal building on saturday 4.8.2012. starting at 9.oo hours. Organizers sponsored by TZ […]

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by Maša July 11, 2012
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One of the most well-known legends, frequently told to children even today, is the legend ofthe vampire called Pankogulo Badurina. According to the popular belief, Pankogulo inhabited ahouse near Toreta and was a vampire. As such, he drank blood. Some verses about him have been preserved: Pankogulo Badurina, […]

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The Underwater Museum on Silba

by Maša July 8, 2012
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On Silba, in the bay of Pocukmarak, there is a protected archaeological site of ancientsarcophagi. Put your diving mask and fins on and dive into the water. The site is located at a depth of only a few metres. The text and the photographs were kindly provided by […]

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