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Back to the roots or the weather forecast


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When we are on Silba, we usually don’t listen to weather forecast on television or radio. We confide in the old seamen’s knowledge and depending on the colors of the sun at sunset we by ourselves determine what type of weather expects us the next day. After an afternoon of swimming and sunbathing and quick dinner we inevitably accommodate on our Mul (Pier) and watch the sunset.

Usually the summer sunsets are beautiful shades of pink and we patiently, almost in silence, watching a large yellow ball descending into the sea right there above us. There is often a camera or a cell phone in our hands, because we want to keep this beauty on photo. Later, when I look at photos of the summer, right those from the Pier, for its indescribable color of sky and sea, it makes beautiful memories. And if some clever photographer manages to slip into the frame the developed sail boat or a flight of seagulls, the stronger feeling of summer it gets.

Of course, except the nice weather, usually at dawn of next day when we have to travel to Zadar, we think will wind blows. For one thing on Silba is exceptional: it is not the same time on both sides of the island. Often, while on one side of a island strong wind blows, the other side is still as oil! Therefore, in forecasts about the wind and its strenght of blowing the next day yet we trust in the old connoisseurs on the island. There are a few man like them on the island and their forecasts are usually correct. But if we fail to reach them that day, we still can watch the fishing boats at sea. If fishermen that night don’t go fishing, that means the nice weather will not last long.

And today, as I look at this gloomy morning and listen a meteorologist on the radio who says that follows another winter cloudy day with the possibility of rain, and somewhere of snow, I wish I was back on Silba, the month of July, and I’m looking at a huge golden sun above open sea and I think that tomorrow will be another warm sunny day.


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