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Pussy-cats on Silba


by Maša · 1 comment in Stories

I know that many citizens of Silba will be mad at me after reading this article. But when someone mentions Silba, one of the first associations are definitely cats on the island. Pussy-cats, cats, old tom-cat and grimalkins – these are the names you use for cats depending on how much you love these animals. All those who have a house on Silba know that a frequent guest in their garden is just that animal. I they know that with them there is no half of a solution: you either let them stay on your doorstep or chase them away. And catkins on Silba are very smart. They recognize their fans to the first, but and also their enemies.

I, you see, am among their friends. In my garden they are resting, sleeping and waiting for me to come. When I arrive at Silba and open my house, I like to see my cats: my Hitlerica, Smoky, Chipsica and dearest Black Cat. I know that I’m not their only matron and that theyhave more fans on the island who feed them, and probably named them differently. But I like to think my cats are keep house safe while I’m gone, chase mice in the garden, and these mine take care of snakes and other undesirable crawler (at least that’s how I comfort myself!).

Our cats are not picky for food. Especially if you come in the winter months, they will be grateful for spaghetti Milanese and eggs! In the summer, although, when is more feeders, they become more picky. They come over to rest and sleep on a bench or on an amphora in the garden, and less on a meal! And every time I find it hard when I’m going away and I’m always worried whether kittens will survive the winter and wait for me in the spring. And I’m glad when they, as soon as I open the door, came to the doorstep and greet me.

P.S. And yes, I do know why people who are permanent residents on the island fighting pussy-cats. They say we learn them to get the food from people, not to seek it in nature, so then they have to feed our cats while we’re gone. I am really grateful to all of them for doing it, and in my defense I’ll just say: I really can not say to little baby kitten”go!”!


masha January 5, 2013 at %I:%M %p

mace me čekale :)


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