Marija Ujević-Galetović

Marija Galetović Ujević


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I’m sure many have heard of the lady sculptor, since her fame is not restricted to anystereotypically narrow circle of artists. I have known her name and work ever since I first saw the monument to August Šenoa in Zagreb. However, since she opened her gallery on Silba six years ago, she has become closer to me. The gallery of Marija Ujević-Galetović on Silba is an unavoidable summer destination. It is the place where one can get the best overview of this sculptor’s opus, since her sculptures from her various phases of sculpting are exhibited there. However, the park that plays host to the gallery is the venue for many cultural evenings during summer, from the already traditional and long-expected concerts of Mrs. Mirza, to the performances of popular local and foreign bands or theatre troupes.

I’m always happy to “catch” an interview with this sculptor (link1, link2, link3).. The one that I best remember is an interview from a Croatian weekly magazine, in which she talks about fishing and spending summers on Silba. A few days ago I saw and heard her on television for the first time. The peace and tranquillity that she instilled in me kept me glued to the armchair, and it exhilarated me so much that to this day I think about what she said. I think even more about what she didn’t say because it seems to me that the interview only scratched the surface.

I cannot say how much her peace has got to do with Silba, but I identify that particular virtue with our island. And so, while I was listening to Mrs Ujević-Galetović talking about how she loved the era in which she lived – although we now raise children differently than our grandmothers did – I remembered Silba and felt lucky. Lucky to have the chance to meet this lady. And so I promised to myself that I would take the first chance I got!


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