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At Lucija’s trace


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A word that introduces the reader to a magical world that has made Silba widely known, it isa word that a lot of people will use trying to say what here -does not exist! At the same time,it’s the same word that will sneak into the story to a few people (but me!) if someone tries todescribe his experience of the picturesque island. Just because it is said, it will help with itsplainness: indifference.

Think, reader, if anyone can be indifferent when ascend on Toreta with a desire to see where he is, realizes that he can not see almost nothing except a few high roofs and thick greenery? Green as far as the view all the way until it drowns into the blue that surrounds it! So I immediately descend the spiral stone stairs because I need to look into so many corners around the island – here, green is not only green, but also useful, the plant is not just a plant but it’s a medical plant, stone is not just a rock because on it is growing something green, small, tasty.

For centuries, the island cherishes its attire making it stronger, higher and richer. Greener. More precious. We, the only brief mortals, whom it seems that all this vegetation has always resided here, we like to think that the island a long time ago has grown from a sea and heated with solar heat and light has decorated its body with seductive plants which will for centuries give it that special feeling of beloved cradle in which we nestle and feel protected, and we lie around in insular comforts. But this is not always the case. It took a while for the island to look as it looks today. Captains, sailors, travelers, guests, all of them were bringing seedlings, to enrich the environment with particular diligence and patience to raise the fragile body addicted to a different climate and perhaps the abundance of water which the island has always needed. Only when it gets strong,we must let it to draws the juices from the rocky base, to spread its crown, to plant out…

Then again, since the ancient days here were holm oaks, mediterranean oak that in winter keeps its tough leather-like leaves while it gives to people branches collected in kilograms, to warm the island in winter. Thinking of indifference passing under tall cypress trees is like a sin. Find shade under an old pine is a benefit. In the evening, to gently tap the needle-like tamarisk leaves covered with dewy salty tears, to admire the palm trees, to follow the develop of fruit of olive, to enjoy a juicy figs, mulberrys, bougainvilleas, agaves blossom, fragrance of myrtle, aromatic wild asparagus, modest but delicious and graceful flower buds of caper, scented laurel that does not lose color or scent even when it drys, oranges and lemons in many backyards, lavender, rosemary, to pick a savory, oregano, sage, fennel, marshmallow, St. John’s wort, sweet wild blackberries, thyme, to prepare a refreshing tea from fresh lemon balm, mint , to collect a bouquet of basil and thyme, to dive a nose into the bush of fragrant immortelle … to come down to the shore, to pick up rospa (type of plant), pursley, crithmum, wild onion …

Protected by its position from pollution of ‘modern’ world and with the richness and diversity of unique vegetation, small Silba has always been and remains a great sea spa, a natural paradise garden which awakes sensec calling for healing and health. I’m sure that a womenfrom Silba thought like this more than four centuries ago. Walking around the island, which is abundantly satisfy its needs from nature and people, it collected the healing haulm, flowersand leaves and preparing from it balms, ointments, elixirs, scented healing oils.Those in need, she was healing with medicinal plants.

Perhaps today she might complain that the story named only a small part of the existing treasures. We know that she lived around the 1589. We don’t know whether she had everthought she would be mentioned in the distant, for her probably unimaginable future, by somefuture admirers of ways on which she walked. Maybe not. Nevertheless, history has noted her by the name Lucija the Healer.

P.S. directions: first read the article, then see the link (to be clearer about what I wrote)

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