Silbenski tanac

The Silban Dance


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I don’t know whether you’ve experienced a similar thing, but after a vacation on Silba I can’t wait to return to the mainland; it’s been like that for the past five or six days. I yearn for my friends,apartment, car, even work to an extent. However, the energy I accumulated evaporates after onlya few hours at work. And then I remember Silba. How good it would be to go back there…

The best memory of this summer is certainly the surprise the folklore group of Silba gave us on the Feast of the Virgin Mary. Their tour around the village and the Silban dance thrilled everyone. Young and old Silbans, dressed in traditional clothes, walked from one end of Silba to the next – from Mul through Turist (the centre) to Žalić. They didn’t perform just one dance at those stops; they displayed their knowledge and musical skills in many steps. Thus they reminded older Silbans of the custom of obligatory dance evenings on Saturdays and Sundays in the most pleasant way (mrs. Danira Telesmanić) also remembers that). Ah, I wish I were on Silba right now… You can view the gallery of the photographs of this year’s stroll on our Facebook page. Here are some photos from our past, from 1971. Enjoy!


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