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Why do people walk barefoot on Silba?


by Maša · 3 comments in Stories

Silba follows me to Zagreb as well!
I cannot even visit my doctor’s office without hearing mentionof its name! This time it caught up with me at my dentist’s office. The two of us have already discussed the island and how she plans to visit it once more this summer. True, she had only stayed for two days on the island, but apparently it was enough to exhilarate her. Strangely enough, she found herself on the island for the few days of the bura and, as luck would have it, she wanted to stay for longer than her planned day trip! I mention luck because she liked the island that much that she decided to come again.
And so, as I sat agape, my dentist told me of everything she saw on Silba; where she was, and how she felt compelled to visit again next summer. There was only one question that took me by surprise: why do people walk barefoot on Silba? Hmm, I don’t know! I hadn’t thought about it before. It’s true that even my son likes walking barefoot, even to the café. And he is not the only one! And I always go to the beach barefoot… It’s been considered normal for as long as I can remember. Clearly it must be one of those things on Silba that are unique and that make sense in and of themselves. It’s a sense of freedom of the body and spirit that one is overcome with on the island. The absence of convention. The warmth of the soil. The security. The enjoyment. And just one more reason why I love my island so much!


Marina October 18, 2012 at %I:%M %p

LJudi bi i inače hodali bosi, ali automobili i asfalt to onemogućavaju! Srećom je na Silbi drugačije i nadam se da će tako i ostati.


Damir October 18, 2012 at %I:%M %p

Ljudi na Silbi hodaju bosi iz dva razloga:
a) jer nema automobila i prljavih ulica / puteva od smoga (premda sam ove godine primjetio prljavih nogu, znaci, moglo / trebalo bi se nesto napravit na pranju istih) pa hodanje bos nije ne-higijenski
b) jer je Silba mjesto gdje nisi dosao pokazat nove cipele (kao ni ostale krpice) pa mozes ih bez njih



žarko August 19, 2013 at %I:%M %p

od kad znam za sebe a sad mi je 43 godina i hodam bos dal po vrućem ili trnovitom ništa mi ne smeta ali u zimi ipak imam obuću ali biti bos o je sloboda i nešto ljepo za to preporučam ljudi hodajte bosi


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