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Winter on the island & Santa Claus


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The number of people on the island always amazes me, even in winter. That saturday, I metmaybe two people on their way to stores and five more in the coffee bar. And precisely for that saturday was scheduled giving the gifts of Santa Claus. I thought, therefore, that it would be a mediocre reunion.

However, that afternoon I was surprised by how many children and parents gathered. In some larger local committee room of Silba there were fifty of adults and about thirty children among us. Santa Claus has been eagerly awaited, and he shared his gifts to every child in the room. Youngers were delighted by chocolates, fruit and toys, and the olders enjoyed the unexpected party with homemade brandy and cakes. All in all, it wasn’t just the usual winter Saturday on the island. I am only sorry that many people left the island on sunday, so on New Year’s Eve there were just a few persons!

P.S. My son surprised me again. When I asked him how he liked Santa Claus, he replied that this was not the real Santa Claus because this had black shoes! So for the next year, I am warning organizers that clothing and footwear for Santa must be carefully coordinated.

Post-postscript I am a little late because of the holidays, but I catch the rhythm.


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