Winter coffee in the “Turist”

by Maša February 5, 2013
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I must admit that in the summer morning I rarely go to the village. I rather take a walk, before swimming and sunbathing, by the sea to get a morning coffee. But in the winter I’m a frequent guest of that caffee bar in the center of the […]

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Santa Claus is coming to Silba

by Maša December 15, 2012
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Don’t miss to come to Silba with the little ones on Saturday 29.12.2012.That day will Santa Claus fly to the island from North pole with lots of gifts! He and his elves will be handing gifts to children in the municipality building on the first floor. Sleigh are […]

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Race through Silba

by Maša September 21, 2012
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For three years I have urged my son to apply to race through Silba and just this year I have managed that. Today, when I know it all went well (no injuries and blood), I’m very glad that he overcame his fear of defeat, and we the fear […]

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View at Silba

by Falimimore August 21, 2012
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The one thing what really impresses me at Silba is night sky. Whenever I return from a night walk I must sit on a chair on the balcony and watch the sky. It stands besprinkled with brilliant stars. Occasionally I catch one of them falling, but mostly I’m […]

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Chess tournament

by Maša July 30, 2012
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For the fourth year in a row, friends and fans of chess are organizing outdoor chess tournament in honor of the deceased parish priest Petar Tunjoić from Silba. The tournament will be held at the municipal building on saturday 4.8.2012. starting at 9.oo hours. Organizers sponsored by TZ […]

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