At Lucija’s trace

by Falimimore March 22, 2013
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A word that introduces the reader to a magical world that has made Silba widely known, it isa word that a lot of people will use trying to say what here -does not exist! At the same time,it’s the same word that will sneak into the story to […]

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Back to the roots or the weather forecast

by Maša March 3, 2013
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When we are on Silba, we usually don’t listen to weather forecast on television or radio. We confide in the old seamen’s knowledge and depending on the colors of the sun at sunset we by ourselves determine what type of weather expects us the next day. After an […]

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Winter on the island & Santa Claus

by Maša January 20, 2013
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The number of people on the island always amazes me, even in winter. That saturday, I metmaybe two people on their way to stores and five more in the coffee bar. And precisely for that saturday was scheduled giving the gifts of Santa Claus. I thought, therefore, that […]

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Pussy-cats on Silba

by Maša December 7, 2012
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I know that many citizens of Silba will be mad at me after reading this article. But when someone mentions Silba, one of the first associations are definitely cats on the island. Pussy-cats, cats, old tom-cat and grimalkins – these are the names you use for cats depending […]

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Silba and selfishness

by Falimimore November 30, 2012
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I accept the task of joining two seemingly disparate words that share the same initial letter. Silba and selfishness. And myself, I admit, it sounds a bit strange and weird and at this point I have not even fully aware of what will emerge on the surface of […]

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