Why do people walk barefoot on Silba?

by Maša October 18, 2012
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Silba follows me to Zagreb as well! I cannot even visit my doctor’s office without hearing mentionof its name! This time it caught up with me at my dentist’s office. The two of us have already discussed the island and how she plans to visit it once more […]

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Marija Galetović Ujević

by Maša October 12, 2012
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I’m sure many have heard of the lady sculptor, since her fame is not restricted to anystereotypically narrow circle of artists. I have known her name and work ever since I first saw the monument to August Šenoa in Zagreb. However, since she opened her gallery on Silba […]

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The Silban Dance

by Maša August 27, 2012
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I don’t know whether you’ve experienced a similar thing, but after a vacation on Silba I can’t wait to return to the mainland; it’s been like that for the past five or six days. I yearn for my friends,apartment, car, even work to an extent. However, the energy […]

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by Maša July 11, 2012
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One of the most well-known legends, frequently told to children even today, is the legend ofthe vampire called Pankogulo Badurina. According to the popular belief, Pankogulo inhabited ahouse near Toreta and was a vampire. As such, he drank blood. Some verses about him have been preserved: Pankogulo Badurina, […]

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The King of Silba

by Maša June 9, 2012
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Many people on our island are still unaware of the fact that Silba must be the only island in theAdriatic with its own opera. Ferdinand Ž. Miler wrote the libretto for the opera entitled “The King of Silba”, composed by Vjekoslav Rosenberg Ružić. We don’t know whether the […]

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